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The image ALT attribute is definitely underused across the web, often left empty or with irrelevant text. While it has somewhat lost its importance to Google, it is still one of the top on-page factors that influence your search engine ranking.

<img src="http://www.acme.com/example.gif" alt="Keyword or two">

Ideally you should mention the subject of the page or article at least once in the images you'll add to that page.

I've crawled two websites related to botanical gardens - with lots of opportunities to include images of certain plants, flowers, venues etc. Here is what I consider a good ALT text practice:

Image Alt Text - good practice

Each ALT has a clear description of what is on the image. Google Images would have no trouble in listing this website's content and generating traffic to its pages. Besides, there are lots of keywords in the ALTs, so by looking at them, you can clearly tell the theme of the site.

And here is, on the other hand, a missed chance to improve the site's ranking:

Image Alt Text - bad practice

As you can see, all the ALTs are empty, although I must give the site credit for including keywords in the names of the image files.

If you don't have time for adding an ALT to each image manually, consider writing a simple piece of code (you can order it on Fiverr) that at least fills each image's ALT with either:

  • the name of the image file - if you took enough care to include keywords there;
  • or certain keyword phrases prepared beforehand.

In the latter case, make sure you don't stuff your page with identical ALTs as this may trigger a spam alert.

Here's a step-by-step guide on extracting all images from a website and exporting them into a CSV or PDF file.


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