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The task of extracting all images from a website becomes simple when you have IziSEO. Not only will you have the actual list of all images source (the ones that can be found inside the <img src="/xxx"> tag), but you will also see which pages contain them.

Step 1

So start IziSEO as usual and configure the crawler's behaviour correctly:

Crawler settings for getting images

You may tick "Load image content" as well if you want to load the whole image and know its size in kBytes.

Step 2

Edit the maximum number of pages in the "Crawler" settings, if needed. Type in the address of the website you want to inspect and crawl. It'll soon start showing the number of images it has harvested.

Number of images on the site

Step 3

Wait till the crawling has stopped. Click on the Images link to view the reference table.

Click on a particular row (any cell inside it) to view all pages that have an image with such src.

List of all references to an image

Step 4

Generate a PDF or CSV report. The latter is great for exporting purposes. Click on either of these buttons:

Generate reports

Download an example of a CSV report for a list of website's images.

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